L&L Web Consulting

L&L Web Consulting is a group of capable software engineers, dedicated to simplifying the lives of our customers. We work with businesses of all sizes, but we reach out to small businesses in particular because small businesses are comprised of dedicated entreprenuers providing products and services directly to the public, and while web technologies can help them immensely, they don't usually have the budget and the manpower to get what they need from the web. They are focused on what they do best, which is why they are in business.

We strive to simplify the world of the web for them. By offering a low monthly fee, that comes with all of the knowledge of dedicated web professionals, we can help them create a presence on the web that will truly impact their business the right way. The way that brings in more business for them. They don't have to worry about directing web development projects, or watching how much they are spending.

We know the questions to ask. We know the advice to give that will help them do what they do best. And help them expand into the future.